Scientific and Academic Misconduct in Computer Science

I intend in this article to provide a list of web pages, documents, and papers that discuss the scientific misconduct and the academic misconduct in computer science. Scientific misconduct (also called research misconduct) is a violation of research integrity. Academic misconduct is a violation of the integrity of an educational setting. I hope this list constitutes a comprehensive reference to the topic and I’ll try to keep it up-to-date. Continue reading


The Art of Profiling Using Intel VTune Amplifier, Part 4

In previous parts of this series, I discussed how to set up a VTune Basic Hotspots analysis to profile the target program. By quickly going through the program, you would notice that there is a significant loop at line 88 in the gen_pswd function. Therefore, one might think that gen_pswd is the hotspot. However, the results reported by VTune says otherwise. Make sure that you are on the Hotspots by CPU Usage viewpoint to follow this article. Continue reading